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We understand Technology Business Processto help high volume B2C businesses create the most efficient and high converting Sales & Marketing functions.

Get higher efficiency out of your call center, feet-on-street, digital sales and marketing operations
Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc;

So must data be broken down, analysed and flow to the right places to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity.
- Clive Humby
Technology author & Data Scientist
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Inmost helps B2C business leaders increase revenue by eliminating inefficiencies from their sales cycle.

Here's how 👇

Lead Capture Automation
You have a tens and hundreds of lead sources - online & offline. The first step of reducing sales leakage - ensuring all possible lead sources are integrated with your lead management system so they can be actioned & monitored.
Smart Lead Distribution
Not all sales reps are right for every lead. Automatically distribute leads to different reps basis rules on lead type, budget & other criteria. If they don't respond in stipulated time, automatically re-assign to another rep.
Sales, Marketing Reporting
In a world of unlimited data & dashboards, you don't have the time to compile all sources of data and getting a single view of the business takes time. We make sure you have the reports you need at your finger-tips.
Document digitisation
Manual data entry is costly, inefficient and increase your turn-around-time. All your customer documents including bank statements can be digitised with technology to improve your lending & insurance processes.
Knowledge management
You already have all the information you need to service most customers. Expose this in a user-friendly manner which helps customers resolve 60-70% themselves from your website or app and also serves as actionable knowledge base for your service team.
Sales Prioritisation & tracking
Your salespeople are buried under leads. But only a percentage of them will convert. Automatically filter & prioritise leads for your sales team so they only followup on qualified leads that have buying power.
Call-center Automation
Call centres are costly. Automate inbound, outbound & followup dialling from the right agent to the right customer. Record calls in a single view to monitor process compliance and performance. Mask buyer numbers from agents to ensure privacy.
Field Sales Management
Having problems with CRM Adoption on the field? Not having sales activity data logged reduces your visibility and ability to bring in new processes to increase efficiency. We help you solve that.
Marketing Automation
Your buyers often avoid sales calls. Nudge them with personalised & contextual communication on WhatsApp, email, SMS, Facebook as well as Google ads in line with their stage in the buying journey.  
Reputation Management
Smart buyers are looking at you online before they buy. Make sure you make a great first impression on them. Our tools help you collate all your brand conversations across the web so you can monitor and address negative sentiment accordingly to increase sales.
What we Deliver
Excellence - No other word summarises it better. Our mission is to create value though global best practices and creative use of tools and platforms at hand.

Our clients have seen results that have helped them reduce costs while achieving higher revenue,
which is a double edged advantage to any business.
Increase in Revenue
Increase in New Lead Acquisition
Increase in Call center efficiency
Inmost team is awesome. They helped us setup perfect automation systems, got us up and running in a month. The support is excellent and a very knowledgable team
Harish Seth
VP Sales
Boring General Insurance Ltd.
Inmost team is awesome. They helped us setup perfect automation systems, got us up and running in a month. The support is excellent and a very knowledgable team
John Doe
VP Marketing
Magno ORL General Insurance
Did you say you already use Salesforce or XYZ or in-house CRM
for some of the above?
Perfect. We don't want to change the way you work. We just want to improve it..
How we engage
We study your current sales & marketing efforts including:

1. Your business model, maturity stage and current strategies of acquisition & retention
2. Tools being used & how they connect to each other
3. Identify opportunities for growth & gaps keeping in mind your current business goals
4. Document use-cases to leverage the opportunities
We are experts in sales and marketing technology

1. Our team has implemented & evaluated 100s of products over the years
2. We understand that use-cases differ according to category, maturity & other nuances and technology is never one-size fits all
3. On the basis of our experience & assessment of your business, we recommend the best tools on the market fit for your business
Don't just buy tools, use them

1. Products are bought with great enthusiasm, but used only to 10% of the potential
2. We help you integrate using best practices developed by us over the years
3. We undertake it as a project and keep unlocking additional value


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